‘Twas The Night Before Christmas In The ‘Ville


‘Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the ‘Ville
Not a creature was stirring
Not even a squirrel.

The O & B stockings were hung
By the chimney with care,
In hopes that St Nussmeier
Soon would be there.

The Gators were nestled
All snug in their bed,
While visions of Sugar Bowls
Danced in their heads.

Coach Nuss in his visor
Coach Mac in Gator cap,
Had just settled their brains
For a strategy rap.

When out in the Swamp
There arose such a clatter,
They had to come down
And check on the matter.

The players had gathered
To practice this day.
A bowl game in B’Ham
Was still left to play.

The coaches they watched
Players practice with care,
Hoping to find
The cupboard not bare.

There’s DRob and Treon
Kelvin Taylor and Grier,
On Fulwood and B Powell
There’s talent left here

On Goolsby and Sousa
Sharpe and Johnson to block.
On Worton, on Thompson
And Lane to carry the rock.

But to return to the glory
Of Gators of yore,
The new staff will need
To bring in much more.

An O line that’s up
To SEC snuff
Will be required if they hope
To win near enough.

The old saying it’s not
About X’s and O’s,
You still need to have
Talented Jimmys and Joes.

So once the dead period ends
They’ll hit the ground fast,
To salvage what’s left
Of a low rated class.

Once spring practice starts
They’ll install the plan,
To return offense to Gainesville
And win back the fans.

The defense they roll
With Hargreaves and Poole.
On Tabor and Jackson
The backfield is full

Wilson and Dawson
Keanu Neal in the fray,
Nick Washington and
Let’s not forget Marcus Maye

On Rolin and Davis
Morrison too,
Anzalone, McMillan
The linebacker crew.

Khairi Clark, Gerald Willis
Thomas Holley and Cox,
Sherit, Ivie, McCalister
The pass rush should rock!

So as the Gators prepare
For the season finale,
And fans rife with hope
Behind the new staff they rally.

And as we all lay our heads
For a long winters sleep,
It’s good to be mindful
Of the company we keep

We are the boys…
In all kinds of weather…
We win and we lose,
But we still stick together.

Glad tidings Gator Nation
From the ‘Ville and the Swamp
Merry Christmas to all
And to all a good chomp!

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