Florida Gators, Coach Mac Get Their Kicker


“We’ll get a kicker. That’s our responsibility and we’ll get one. And we’ll get a good one.”

Florida head coach Jim McElwain 

To say the Florida Gators kicking game was an adventure this season would be an understatement.  

Hopefully, that won’t be a problem for the Gators moving forward after the commitment Tuesday evening by the nation’s top ranked kicker Eddie Piniero.

The Gators beat out Alabama the team he had been committed to for months for the talented kicker from Miami. 

He became a social media superstar with vines showing him kicking 70+ yard field goals.

The Gators were a close second when he originally committed to Alabama but after it became apparent the Gators were in dire need of a kicker, coach Mac turned up the heat on Piniero.

The tide appeared to turn when they got him on campus for an official visit for the FSU game.

After watching Austin Hardin miss a couple chip shot field goals, the need for a good kicker was apparent. Coach Mac then spent the following day wooing Piniero.

The Tide put up a fight getting him on campus this past weekend for an official visit to Tuscaloosa.

It wasn’t enough, however, as Piniero decommitted Monday evening before announcing for the Gators on Tuesday.

The excitement leading up to his announcement had Twitter on fire. It also led to some interesting nicknames including “Latin Jesus”, a nod to his Cuban ancestry, “Odell Kickem”, a knock-off of Odell Beckham one of the best receivers in the NFL, and this,

All jokes aside, as a mid year JUCO transfer he’ll enroll in January and participate in spring practice.

Perhaps the best part for Gator Nation is Piniero has four years of eligibility as he went to JUCO on a soccer scholarship and didn’t participate in football meaning his eligibility clock has yet to start. 

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