‘Twas The Night Before Christmas In Gator Nation

  ‘Twas the night before Christmas

And all through the Swamp

Not a creature was stirring

And nary a chomp.

Orange and blue stockings

Hung on the chimney chute

In hopes that St. Mac 

Would bring some recruits.

There’s Haskins and Eubanks

To pitch and to catch

There’s Tatum and Pridgeon

Stud blockers to fetch.

Nate Craig and Bin Victor

And Tre Nixon’s speed

To upgrade an offense

In desperate need.

Need Jayvaughn Myers to return 

And need Kris Fulton too…

To restock the backfield

That’s called DBU. 

On Shavar , Mac Wilson

Don’t forget Brian Burns.

There’s passers to rush 

And ball carriers to spurn.     

Mac changed Gator fortune

With mirrors and smoke

But now it’s time for an upgrade    

With more talented blokes.

Odell Kickem he got

And a quarterback (or two)

Would three be too greedy?

Or is two one to few?

The Gators lose AMac, 

DRob and KT…

The beast called Jon Bullard


So new blood is important 

Recruit daily or die 

Is McElwain’s motto 

Great words to live by

And as you lay down  

On this warm winter’s night

With visions of five star 

Recruits in our sight

Just remember one thing 

As the class comes together

Gator Nation we are 

In all kinds of weather

And from the ends of the earth

To the thrill of the Swamp

Merry Christmas to all 

And to all a good chomp.







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