Thirsty Thursday: Florida Gator Notes and Quotes

The staff decided to mix things up at practice on Wednesday to see how the team responded to “chaos”.

“We did some things different today to handle some chaos,” McElwain said. “Kind of threw the pratice schedule up and then jumped around a little bit period-wise to see how are guys handled that kind of thing.”

After calling out the special teams unit after Saturday’s huge win against Kentucky, coach Mac put the focus on that unit early in Wednesday’s practice in order to “clean up some things”. 

“We needed the emphasis obviously on special teams,” Mac said. “We wanted to start out with that early today and get an opportunity to get some guys in there to understand the importance of what it is to do your job to help us be successful. And more than that, don’t be lazy and take stupid penalties. I thought we got that accomplished pretty well.”


-True freshman LB Jeremiah Moon “did something to his thumb” which will put him out of action indefinitely.

    “He was doing a heck of a job for us not only at the ‘backer spot but also really on special teams,” Mac said. “He really did a great job.”

    -WR Dre Massey had surgery today to repair his knee that he injured against UMass. The surgery went well according to coach Mac.

      -Center Cam Dillard suffered an elbow injury on Wednesday but Mac said he should be ok.

      -CB Joseph Putu suffered an ankle injury

      “Rolled up- probably be a high leg not a low leg”

      Translation: High ankle sprain

      -True Freshman WR Tyrie Cleveland out with hamstring injury

      “He’s done a great job with the rehab piece.” Coach Mac

        -WR Antonio Callaway listed as doubtful with what appears to also be a hamstring injury. Mac said he responded well to treatment in the morning but it tightened up during practice.

        “Callaway went bits and pieces, I would say he’s highly questionable/doubtful”

        -RG Tyler Jordan is out at least a couple weeks with an eye issue which will require treatment. Not sure if it means surgery but he’s definitely out at least a couple of weeks.

          Richard Desir-Jones and Fred Johnson likely to replace him at right guard while he’s out.


          “I thought we were pretty good (in Wednesday’s practice). I was really happy with Tuesday. And then today, on purpose, created a bunch of different things for them. And not only that but did it for the coaches as well, people in the organization that were running practice, to kind of keep an edge. I’m excited to see how these guys play on Saturday and see if we’re going to be a different Gator team or not.”

          “To me, I don’t know how you can ever do anything and not go out and do it your best.”

          “Really the one that didn’t get mentioned as far as guys back is Duke Dawson. He only played seven plays in that first game. He had a heck of a game at the nickel spot.”

          “How can anyone give 110 percent, you only have a hundred?”

          On a redshirt freshman replacing Tyler Jordan at right guard:

          “Richard (Desir-Jones), the thing he does is he gets on you quick. I’m excited for him to play. He graded well in the last game. He got a lot of snaps in. This will be a great opportunity for him.”

          Gators lead SEC in sacks through two games with 9

          “The biggest thing is their discipline in their pass rush lanes. The nine sacks are great, but then again the discipline in the pass rush lanes. There again the guys that don’t show up in the box score, by being disciplined, keeps the quarterback there that maybe someone else can get him and you don’t create those big gaps for those long quarterback runs that you see sometimes when guys are getting out of their lanes. So I credit that to the front playing unselfished, really playing disciplined and doing their jobs.”

          Asked about the proverbial “trap game” and if he does anything different to try to avoid that:

          “I just think there’s a certain way you go about your business no matter what it is. I think you can get too up for rivalries and that sort of stuff. What I would hope is that they have enough personal pride to go out and do their job at the highest level that they can knowing they can’t be perfect.”

          On defending the Swamp:

          “This is such an unbelievable place for a football game and it’s a place that, no matter where you’re at, people kind of know about the Swamp. I look at it as more so not a right but more so as a privilege to be able to play in the Swamp. To able to be a part of that history of what a great place it is.”

          Mac n Cheese

          Did you ever get an ass-chewing from coach Saban while you were there?

          “Oh, all the time! It was awesome!”

          Asked about the 2017 schedule coach Mac feigned ignorance.

          Reporter:”Texas A&M is coming here October 14th next year. First time since 1962.”

          “Oh, the year I was born,” Mac responded. “It was a hell of a year!”

          His thoughts on facility improvements:

          “The vision for the future is really exciting and obviously what we’ve done in this short time facility-wise. I kind of laughed when I had coach Spurrier last spring come and speak to the team and he walked into the team room and looked around and he says ‘yup, nothing’s changed around here’. I don’t know how long ago that was and I thought ‘yeah that’s a telling sign’.”

          The Gators take on North Texas State at 7:30 pm Saturday September 19th.

          The game will be broadcast on ESPNU.


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